True Story.

This is a sad story about the former mayor of Puslinch Township, who was healthy one day and the next day he was stricken with bacterial flesh-eating disease. He passed away the next day.


University Research

Did you know that big pharmaceutical companies are no longer interested in investing in new antimicrobials (antibiotics).  For them, it’s not a wise financial venture.  That means it is left to governments and Universities to develop new antimicrobials.  With research spending overall being curtailed, research is only happening in scattered pockets around the world (University labs like ours!)

Merrill Lab

Welcome, all!

Merrill Lab

Hello, Everyone! We are excited to be sharing our research successes, developments, and ideas with you.  As we move along, your continued support for our Lab and its findings is always appreciated! Comments and kind words are gladly accepted. After all, bacterial illnesses affect us all, and the more we work together, the better chance we have at winning the war against them!