Super Heroes for Superbugs

“Superbugs ” are more formally known as Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens. What do you know about them? Well i’ll tell you what I know. They are becoming a major problem, yes MAJOR. I mean what would happen if we were to have an outbreak of a bacterial disease and no cure? INSANE right!? Well that is exactly what is going to happen at the rate this up and coming problem is going. I’m going to post a link under here just to give you a comprehensive look at what i’m saying.

So, our team here at the University of Guelph want to do something about this up and coming threat.We are conducting some research which involves determining the reaction mechanism and structural details of bacterial virulence factors. The purpose for doing that is to create inhibitory factors. Instead of killing the bacteria, we are going to “disarm” them and therefore this will not promote selection for resistant bacteria. Cool right?! Yea i think so too. So here’s the deal, we want to spread the word and educate people about this global problem and also tell them about our research. So stay tuned! We have a lot more to say and a lot more to show you. We want this to be the start of something big so we can stay ahead of the problem.


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