Our Research Team

Rod Merrill, PhD, Professor, has 24 years experience in studying bacterial toxins, protein characterization, inhibitor development and drug design. Rod has published more than 80 peer-reviewed papers and he is a world-leader in the structure and function of bacterial toxins.

Miguel Lugo, PhD, Research Associate, has 15 years experience in computational chemistry, protein dynamics, molecular dynamics simulations, pharmacophore development, drug and ligand binding, and drug discovery methods.

Ravi Ravulapalli, PhD, Research Associate, has 12 years experience in protein design, protein expression, purification, crystallization, and protein-drug interaction analysis.

Tom Keeling, MSc, Technologist, has 10 years experience in molecular cloning, protein crystallography, protein design, and microbiological methods.

Rob Reid-Taylor, MSc, Technologist, has 7 years experience in toxin characterization, protein expression, chemical toxicology, and drug discovery.

Dan Krska, MSc, Technologist, has 8 years experience in drug discovery methods, toxin charactertization and recombinant protein expression.

Amanda Poole, BSc, Graduate Student, has 5years experience in biochemistry and microbiology methods, gene expression in E. coli, recombinant protein analysis, and drug discovery.

Bronwyn Lyons, BSc, Graduate Student, has 4 years experiencein biochemical methods, microbiology, bacterial toxin characterization, ligand binding, and inhibitor/drug characterization.

Contact us at antivirulence@gmail.com to find out how you can donate to our research. Your donations will exclusively be used to fund new avenues of our current research program to discover new antivirulence compounds to treat infections caused by bacterial pathogens such as Pseudomonas (lung infections), Listeria (listeriosis), and Enterococcus (gastroenteritis). Since we are a non-profit organization located at a major Ontario University, 100% of your contribution dollars will be invested in our research program.




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