Possible t-shirt design?

We had an artist dream up a promotional design to help support our antimicrobial research!

An artist's rendition of our research lab's battle against the superbugs!

An artist’s rendition of our research lab’s battle against the superbugs!

What do you think? We love it!!

Thank you Starla Wilson from Shiny Paint Art Co for creating the image for us.

We’re thinking we can use it for a t-shirt design, stickers, and posters to help raise funds for our research lab.

For more info, visit our RocketHub page and our page at the University of Guelph.

Merrill Lab

Welcome, all!

Merrill Lab

Hello, Everyone! We are excited to be sharing our research successes, developments, and ideas with you.  As we move along, your continued support for our Lab and its findings is always appreciated! Comments and kind words are gladly accepted. After all, bacterial illnesses affect us all, and the more we work together, the better chance we have at winning the war against them!