Our New Video! (We’re Excited)

Got your popcorn ready? Please take a moment and watch our video about the activities at the Merrill Lab!
Fighting Superbugs Video


We need your help to treat #antibiotic resistant #bacteria! Yes, your help!

Ok, everyone…We are working hard to make it known what we are doing to help in the race against bacteria and antibiotic resistance! Our research has recently been given some press in relation to our discovery to help the bees – and we’ve got projects in the works to help oysters, potatoes, and more.

Ultimately, the faster we can get our research going, the closer we will be to discovering drugs to combat bacterial illnesses in humans as well.

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Rockethub – please check it out! We appreciate help both big and small. We have a video coming soon, and an artist working on a t-shirt design so we can offer t-shirts and other prizes in return for your donations!

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Yes it’s Real

The problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria is getting very real. Below are a few articles on the topic. The CRE is just one example of many bacteria that contribute to a much larger threat. The need for alternative methods to fight against this bacteria is becoming more and more necessary. At the University of Guelph in the Merrill lab, the research is dedicated to creating anti virulence agents to combat bacterial drug resistance.



Super Heroes for Superbugs

“Superbugs ” are more formally known as Antibiotic Resistant Pathogens. What do you know about them? Well i’ll tell you what I know. They are becoming a major problem, yes MAJOR. I mean what would happen if we were to have an outbreak of a bacterial disease and no cure? INSANE right!? Well that is exactly what is going to happen at the rate this up and coming problem is going. I’m going to post a link under here just to give you a comprehensive look at what i’m saying.


So, our team here at the University of Guelph want to do something about this up and coming threat.We are conducting some research which involves determining the reaction mechanism and structural details of bacterial virulence factors. The purpose for doing that is to create inhibitory factors. Instead of killing the bacteria, we are going to “disarm” them and therefore this will not promote selection for resistant bacteria. Cool right?! Yea i think so too. So here’s the deal, we want to spread the word and educate people about this global problem and also tell them about our research. So stay tuned! We have a lot more to say and a lot more to show you. We want this to be the start of something big so we can stay ahead of the problem.

Support is growing for our drug to protect bees!

The interest in our discovery has been growing! The response has been enormous and thank you to those of you who have shared our excitement and enthusiasm for saving the bees.

We are hoping the drug we have developed will begin real world testing in May of 2015.

This same principle of disarming bacteria with our antivirulence compounds can be used for human diseases as well.  As long as support continues for research labs like ours!

We greatly appreciate anyone helping to spread the word about our research and what it can do for both humans and bees.  Please like us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our cause!

Here is the article that was just published in the Guelph Mercury: http://www.guelphmercury.com/news-story/5211184-university-of-guelph-creates-drug-to-help-protect-bees/

Our Discovery That Aims to Help Bees!

Antibiotics are failing not only humans but bees as well.

We hope our new discovery will help combat a disease killing honeybee populations around the world.

Our approach is designing tools that disarm bacteria without killing them. It does not put pressure on them to mutate because it’s not threatening their survival, it’s just saying, ‘You cannot hurt us, go away.

Here are the links to the articles on our work on honey bee health!